Triple Shaft Flat Screens
Triple Shaft Flat Screens
Triple Shaft Flat Screens
Triple Shaft Flat Screens


MTM Flat Screens are high power extremely strong screens with their triple-shaft and six bearing arrangement driving mechanism which generates linear-elliptical motion. They are called as triple-shaft, controllable or geared screens and placed on their strong chassis horizontally or inclined up to 10 degrees to the ground.

The amplitude of elliptical stroke, direction of stroke, frequency and inclination of the screen can be adjusted to handle different and most demanding operating conditions. That’s why they must be manufactured with high quality and high precision by well experienced professional companies.
MTM Crushing&Screening Staff have more than 15 years in manufacturing triple shaft flat screens.

MTM Flat Screens are very special screens with high capacity, screening efficiency, long life and durability that most of our customers want to have.

Remarkable Features of MTM’s Flat Screens;
1.Weld free entirely bolted main body and completely enclosed driving system.
2.Oil lubricated 6 pieces of SKF/FAG special bearings
3.Unclogging Oil Ventilation System
4. Single piece high strength Weldox/XAR 700 side plates
5.High strength custom manufactured and matched gears
6.Extremely strong heavy duty specially designed screen decks.
7. Non-Loosening Screen Clothes Tensioning System and heavy-duty special tensioning bolts.
8.Movable wheeled front chutes on rails simplifying maintenance and clothes replacement.
9-Stone-Box System increasing lifetime of Chutes
10.Rotatable Front Chute Extensions to make installations fast and easier.
11.Steel Chassis and Supports manufactured from High Strength Steel Channels
12. Anti-Slip, high-strength galvanized chassis platform grids with easy walking width.
13.Optional Screen Covers –Optional washing systems
14.Adjustable eccentric weights to increase or decrease driving force of the screen.
15.Adjustment mechanism for throw angle of the screen.
16.Standard unclogging flex wires on the bottom deck for final screening
17.Steeper Chute designs to avoid clogging.
18.Dual Rubber Snubbers to avoid excessive movements of screen body during stop and start-up while passing through resonance zone.
19. High Quality Steel or rubber springs selected for 95 % isolation of elastic system.


Triple Shaft Flat Screens
High Screening Efficiency and High Capacity
MTM Flat Screens are designed for toughest working conditions to achieve high screening efficiency and capacity. They are the most versatile type of screens adopting themselves to changing operating conditions. Throw angle, amplitude and operating frequency of the screens can easily be adjusted for various applications.

Long Life Bearings and Easy Maintenance
MTM Flat Screens do not require lubrication every day or every week since they have fully enclosed and sealed oil-lubrication system.
They are almost maintenance free and user-friendly screens with their SKF Heavy Duty Bearings providing long life.

Technicial Specifications

Model Screen Dimensions(mm) Power (Kw) 3 Decks Body Weight (kg) 4 Decks Body Weight (kg)
MFS-1860 1800x6000 30 8820 10150
MFS-2260 2200x6000 37 11430 12900
MFS-2560 2500x6000 37 12850 14600