Glass Crushers
Glass Crushers
Glass Crushers
Glass Crushers


They are special type hammer crushers manufactured by MTM Crushing&Screening Company to crush glass bottles, scrap glass, jars etc which are abrasive but easy to be crushed. They can be used in recycling industry with their wide range of size and capacities.

MTM Company serves to Turkey's recycling industry very successfully by manufacturing high quality glass crushers with different quality measures taken against abrasion.


Glass Crushers
There are high-manganese steel casted or made up of special metal sheet grizzlies placed under the rotor to get product with required size and fineness.

Specially designed and casted hammers with various chemical compositions can be selected according to the characteristics of materials. Contact surfaces of hammers with the shaft are machined to obtain smooth running and to prevent cracking.

Rotor Discs are high strength parts which are made from Casted Steel or High-Strength Sheet Metals. They are precisely machined and assembled to create very strong rotor of the hammer crusher.

Wear resistant High Manganese Casted Steel liners are used for protection of main assembly and for the breakers inside.

Technicial Specifications

MODEL Rotor Dimensions (mm) Capacity (mtph) Speed (rpm) Power (kw) Weight(kg)
MHC-0406 440*640 5*10 575 7,5 1350
MHC-0606 600*640 10*20 600 15 2000
MHC-0808 800*840 20*30 600 22-30 3000