Tertiary Impact Crushers
Tertiary Impact Crushers
Tertiary Impact Crushers
Tertiary Impact Crushers


After secondary crushing stage, oversize material is directed either back to the secondary stage or to be crushed and shaped further at the tertiary stage to get much finer high-quality products. Since the materials are reduced to smaller size, specially designed, strong and faster machineries should be used for tertiary crushing stage.

Material size and output gradations are affected by the type of tertiary crushers selected and used. That’s why we recommend our customers to get a professional aid when they have to select a tertiary crusher for their plants.


Tertiary Impact Crushers
Main Assembly
MTM Tertiary Crushers are designed to maximize crushing efficiency with their specially designed main assembly and breakers. Thanks to their robust assembly and adjustable breakers, they are very suitable to get products which satisfies our customers’ requirements related with the quality, shape and size.MTM Crushing&Screening Company designs and manufactures standard or specialized tertiary crushers to meet capacities and features asked by our customers.

Specially designed anti-wear coated Rotors assures long-life to our customers.

Liners and Wear Parts
Casted Parts with High Manganese and Chromium options depending the characteristics of materials are used in Main Assembly and rotors.

Long life heavy-duty SKF Bearings and thermal sensors are used in housings of the rotor. FAG Bearings are optional for our customers
Optional automatic lubrication system makes maintenance easy for our customers.

Technicial Specifications

MODEL Rotor Dimensions (mm) Capacity (mtph) Rotor Speed (rpm) Power (Kw) Weight(kg)
MTC-1105 1100*500 80-100 740-900 160 10000
MTC-1110 1100*1000 100-200 740-900 250 16000
MTC-1115 1100*1500 200-250 740-900 315 19000
MTC-1318 1300*1800 300-350 645 500 33000
MTC-15 1400*860 80-140 740-900 160 15500
MTC-16 1400*1200 120-180 740-900 250 21000