Vertical Shaft Impactors-Vsi
Vertical Shaft Impactors-Vsi
Vertical Shaft Impactors-Vsi
Vertical Shaft Impactors-Vsi


MTM VSI Crushers has proved themselves as trustable crushers at sites having a high technology and maximum safety precautions. There are three types of VSI Crushers in MTM product range;

1-Closed Rotor and Stone-Box System

2-Open Rotor and Stone-Box system

3-Open Rotor and Anvil System

VSI Crushers can be manufactured according to the type of applications in Crushing Plants and put in market to meet wide range of capacity and size requirements of our customers.


Vertical Shaft Impactors-Vsi
High-Capacity and Cubical Product
MTM VSI Crushers with enlarged crushing chamber, extra protections for main body and deep rotors enables high capacities and top qualities for products.

MTM VSI Crushers provide low operating cost and easy maintenance to our customers.

Hydraulic Lift for the upper cover and maintenance door make a quick access to rotor and crushing chamber of the main assembly. Long life rotor tips and rotor liners inside or outside of the rotors are designed for easy replacement.

Technicial Specifications

Model Rotor Diameter(mm) Capacity (mtph) Rotor Speed (rpm) Power (kw) Weight(kg)
VSI-500 500 20-40 2000-3000 55/75 4000
VSI-600 600 40-60 1300-1650 75/90 6800
VSI-700 700 60-100 1300-1650 2X160 9100
VSI-800 800 140-190 1300-1650 2X200 12500
VSI-900 900 150-200 1300-1650 2X250 14000
VSI-1000 1000 160-240 1300-1650 2X250 16000